Code with Cloud: GCP Showcases

Links to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yFJLO1BtiU

More and more businesses are migrating their infrastructure and architecture to solve their business challenges, reflecting a cloud-native, data-driven era.

As a part of CodingGirls' Code With Cloud programme, join us in this session to learn about different use cases of the Google Cloud platform.

In the 1st talk, you will be learning the basic concepts, architecture and use cases of Kubernetes, a powerful container management tool that automates the deployment and management of containers. In the 2nd talk, you will be learning how Lush, a cosmetics and beauty retailer with customers across the globe, implemented a solution in GCP, from image storing to model training, including the automation of the entire pipeline.


7:30pm Opening

7:35pm-7:50pm Talk 1: A Developer's Introduction to Kubernetes

7:50pm - 8:10pm Talk 2: How Lush went packaging-free with ML on Google Cloud Platform

8:10pm Closing Remarks

About the Speakers

Daniele Polencic, Managing Director and Instructor at learnk8s

Daniele is a technical consultant and instructor. Daniele is a certified Kubernetes administrator by the Linux Foundation. In the last decade, Daniele trained developers for companies in the e-commerce, finance and public sector.

Andreia Rogério, Data Scientist at Datatonic

Andreia is a Data Scientist with a particular interest in machine learning and automation. Her background is in bioengineering, where she started her career in academia, taking several internships in different labs and slowly moved towards bioinformatics and computer science. She is now a Graduate Data Scientist at Datatonic. She has worked extensively with BigQuery and Data Studio and joined several Data Engineering projects leveraging on Composer and Dataflow.

Who’s this for?

Anyone who is interested in cloud computing!
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Tue Nov 3, 2020
7:30 PM - 8:30 PM SGT
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